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Inside the ADHD Method, we follow 5 steps to help your child Gain Freedom From the Distressing Behaviours & Your Crippling Daily Exhaustion

    1. Clean Energy Jumpstart – Focusing on fuelling food combinations, key brain nutrients and reclaiming the right energy. 
    2. Behaviour Disruption Mapping – Learning the behaviours patterns and triggers to foster your relationship by dissolving the power struggles so that you can wake up feeling energized and tackle the day without yelling and momma guilt. 
    3. Block Neuro-Nutrient Disruptors – Removing the thought disruptors & background noises that could be caused by environmental, hormonal and digestive imbalances. 
    4. Saving Sanity Reclamation – This has to be the RIGHT kind of tools to support proper transformation pathways that are blocked because of static toxins, thoughts and trauma imbalances.
    5. My Secret Sauce – This is literally laced throughout the entire program which is why it’s so effective.

This isn’t a quick fix and certainly not a bandaid solution because I’m not here to offer you the next Multi-Level Marketing product…you can find those on your own, I already know they don’t work.

My mission is to get you past the rollercoaster of trial and error that gives your child transformation because ONLY then will you see your child’s ravenous moodiness and inabilities melt away like ice cream on a hot summer day.

These 5 steps are nestled in with a holistic coaching concept approach that when combined together gets the to the root cause and that helps melt away their shame of not knowing why they are “bad” or cannot just do better.

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