Between week 1-4 of quarantine, I was ready to quit this thing called Mothering. 

I was overwhelmed with very limited patience.

Between setting up online schooling for my girls, becoming a teacher, juggling my workload and everyone struggling to find things to do, other than what seemed to be their only want…electronics, I was MAXED.

Come week 5, I wasn’t entertaining this anymore!

…so instead of pulling the covers over my head in dread of how I was going to get through my day, I decided I was going to wake up energized and in good spirits. 

No, I don’t have a bottle of bourbon under my bed as an incentive but I do not have an amazingly large toolbox that helps me through situations just like these when I get distracted by the “shiny objects” that alter my focus.

I can say with confidence that weeks 1-4 are a thing of the past and here’s a little snippet of how we went from “bumper cars” to a smooth Sunday drive.

  1. Set your alarm – Weekdays need routine and if the kids are participating with online schooling, nothing has changed. Routine, Routine, Routine. I set my alarm 2 hours before the kids are to be up. This allows me to get myself organized (I’m working from home), prepare dinner, lunch, snacks…whatever it is I need to prepare. Then when they wake, I’m not rushed trying to get my stuff organized while they need my attention.
  2. Set your intentions – As you wake, play the day out in your head (positive only), if you add in the typical daily power struggle battle…it most likely will happen. This takes less than 1 minute.
  3. Goal setting – As your setting your intentions, ask yourself, “What is the goal for today?”. What is your top priority and then look at your schedule so when you time block, you can make sure it’s a realistic goal.
  4. Time blocking – You’re busy and you cannot possibly be in two locations at once so if you set blocks time and discuss it with your children, then they know you’re “off-limits” or “present”. Of course, this is age dependant but you can work your tasks around naps and activities your children need to do with your assistance.
  5. Time chunking – This is not only great for you to increase your productivity BUT it’s amazing for your children too. Simply have an allotment of time they will work on a task and set a timer. When the timer goes off, it’s now a break. A break should include movement and motion so it reframes their mindset and good energy.

…and please, do not apply every tool in one day, it will only add to your overwhelm. Take step 1, implement it one week, then go to step two for a couple of days, and so on. It’s not a race, it’s building a foundation to help reduce stress, anxiety and power struggles because NO ONE should be investing their precious time into that!

I’d love for you to share what your biggest challenge during this mandated isolation has been. Join me in my private Facebook Group ADHD Nutrition Solutions and start chatting and learning with other like-minded parents.  

Gratitude & Compassion


PS: Parenting is hard without added pressure so if I can help, let me know 💕