School Provided Lunches…Is the Convenience Worth It?

As a person that has spent over 25 years in the foodservice industry, I can attest that this industry is all about profits and not about delivering a nutritious product to the end-user.

Unless there’s an establishment that is dedicated to serving organic, non-GMO, fairtrade meals in bio-digestible products, there is no escaping the fact that even in a “fancy” restaurant, you’re eating crap!

I’m not saying you should live in a bubble, that’s not realistic, but what you can do is live in a state of awareness.

  • Awareness will assist you in making educated decisions.
  • Awareness will assist you with justifying the big why’s when challenged by others.
  • Awareness allows you to think outside of the box.

Without awareness, you stay going down the same familiar road and all those excuses you’re telling yourself to support the decisions you’ve made…that is your way to give yourself permission not to change.

Let’s get into the numbers and facts!

Schools have strict budgets for food allocated funding.

On average, a typical Canadian school-provided lunch program has a budget of $3.20/day/child that includes lunch & 2 snacks.

Most of the animal meats are sliced products which are – high sodium, containers fillers such as gluten and are loaded with preservatives and additives.

If there is a “low sodium” version, you can bet that sodium has been replaced with a chemically enhanced preservative.

Image building a house and leaving a layer of bricks out…the house would not be structurally sound. No difference in food. When an ingredient is removed, it must have a replacement to ensure yield and sustainability.

Most soup bases and stocks are saturated with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). These stocks are not only used in soups but as enhanced flavours for grains such as rice and other meat dishes.

Most shelf-stable salad dressings have at least 11 ingredients that directly interfere with ADHD symptoms.

Take these three industry classics and couple it with conventional produce (pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals) and your child is in toxic overload.

Still not convinced??

Let me regear this blog into a question.

Would you prompt and agree for your family to eat the majority of their daily meal at a restaurant every single day?

I hope your answer is NO…

but if your child is enrolled in a school-provided lunch program, they are eating at a restaurant 5 out of 7 days each week.

Convenience is one of the contributing factors leading our society into the heaping mess it is…

So, before signing your child up for another school-provided lunch program, consider the source, the motive behind what your child is being fed and the health implications YOUR DECISION is costing your child EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Gratitude Always


If the thought of having to restructure your child’s meal routines is way too overwhelming, accept that change is uncomfortable but is ABSOLUTELY needed if you want them to thrive. ASK for help and invest in yourself and your child to get past the BIG emotions, ADHD symptoms, digestive issues, asthma, lack of focus, eczema…the list can go on forever but you get the point…I HOPE!