Did you know that your child’s brain is approximately 60% fat?

Healthy fats have a host of therapeutic properties that boost brain function, supports satiety and helps to balance blood sugar levels. 

Sure, not all fats are equal and the word “healthy’ is so overused and marketed today that it’s easy to become confused.

But I have simplified it for you so you can start adding these fats into your child’s diet, if tolerant

Ready. Set. Go!

1️⃣ Avocado 

2️⃣ Coconut Oil 

3️⃣ Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

4️⃣ Fatty Fish; wild

5️⃣ Eggs

6️⃣ Nuts & Seeds

7️⃣ Omega-3s Supplementation

8️⃣ MCT Oil

9️⃣ Dark Chocolate; 85% or higher

🔟 Grass-Fed Beef (Organic preferred, second-best hormones or antibiotic-free, then conventional)

Click here for a green chicken slider recipe…yum!

And a total BONUS, because fats are generally easily digested they enhance your child’s nutrient absorption.

…with gratitude and compassion


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