Mood & Food

Is this just another fad? Does it affect children too? How is it interconnected with ADHD?

Let’s get into the geek talk first…

Our microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses) that live on and inside the human body.

What we feed our microbiome plays a key role in our total health.

Our immune system is interconnected with the microbiome so when our gut microbes are out of balance, we run into issues like yeast infections, digestive disturbances, acne, malabsorption of nutrients, weight gain, high blood sugar, and irritability or other mood-related symptoms; just to list a few.

In addition to the microbiome complexity, approximately 90% of our bodies “brain” transmitter Serotonin and 50% of Dopamine is produced within our digestive system.

Both of these neurotransmitters are key supports to our mood. Everything we consume plays a pivotal role in our mental and physical state. The mind and body are reticulated and Functional Nutrition understands the delicate role of viewing them together, as a whole.

With roughly 4,000,000 micro genes in the human body, it is critical for us to feed ourselves a well-balanced diet to ensure the “good” and “bad” bugs stay within a healthy ratio so we can avoid not feeling so good.

With so many different aspects happening throughout our bodies, the old saying, “I have a gut feeling” is absolutely true! Listen to your gut…. you’re here because something’s going on so it’s not by chance we’re hanging out in this blog.

Now let’s answer your burning questions:

Is this a fad?

Absolutely not! As you can see, it’s our internal environment works and when you’re faced with illness, disorders or disease you can bet that the shift in microbiome gut bacteria is not for the better!

Does this affect children too?

YES! Children are no different and it’s a great idea to get them on the right track. If you have a picky eater, the gut bacteria is out of balance. Get working on a healthy gut lifestyle immediately because it only gets worse.

How is it interconnected with ADHD?

An impaired microbiome state (the internal environment) has EVERYTHING to do with your child’s BIG emotions, lack of focus, inability to self-regulate and the first step to starting the shift is through the foods they are eating. Check out the ADHD Method, it addresses all this and so much more….