Not too long ago, I remember standing at the kitchen counter and getting angry, I was having a sulking conversation with myself and actually getting mad – WHAT?!?!

I’ve gone mad, I thought!

I couldn’t shake it, it was at this most uncomfortable feeling that kept repeating, 

“I’m a shitty parent.”


I tried breathing, repeating quotes, singing, dancing it out, breathing some more…but nothing was working, “I’m a shitty parent,” “I’m a shitty parent,” over and over again! 


the kids can’t focus

they can’t eat at the table without getting up ten times and forget any type of manners

they struggle daily with being nice…to anyone, especially each other!

They are out of control. 

By day three, I was DONE! If these thoughts came up one more time, that’s it… I was going to __________…GULP, I had nothing!

No sooner did I go through yet another self sulking moment just when my eldest daughter came up behind me giving me the biggest bearhug and said, “You’re the best mommy, I love you”, then it hit me…I wasn’t a shitty parent.

My self-pitting self was dead wrong!

My gut knew it the whole time; hence the weird feelings but it was my damn head.

I was making the same choices that delivered me the same outcome day in and day out.

I was comfortable reading and learning more about nutritional alternatives than applying them effectively. 

Because that is what I knew and it was totally in my comfort zone.

Which meant I had to be comfortable with how my children were functioning, the outbursts and how I was feeling (terrible, let me tell you) 

And possibly never getting my children off the hamster wheel of despair. 

Then I connected with a mother who had a similar life, and I discovered how far ahead her children were.

And it wasn’t because she was better than anyone.

SHE HAD COURAGE… to take control of her family matters and tackle the ADHD symptoms head-on, no matter what others said or how they judged her.

So she let go of the stuff that was holding her back…like in chess when a person who plays to keep as many pieces on the board will lose.

There were sacrifices of pieces in a calculated way to set her family up for the next big move and win the game…her children’s health.

So when it came to my turn, it was me admitting that I couldn’t do it alone and wasted more time.


…the internet cannot put the pieces in place

…even when you get results it’s not going to mean you’re done

…it doesn’t look desperate when I ask for help 

When I finally grasped the concept of sacrificing pieces to get ahead, is when it all fell into place.

So, I sought out a nutritionist with the same values, then went back to school to become one and now I’ve created an online course to support others.

So for you, if you’re stuck and your child is not making the gains they need or they are so painfully slow that it’s like watching paint dry all while the emotions and behaviours continue day after day…

…it’s most likely you were like me.

You’re making the same choices to do the same thing because it’s comfortable for you…

So to get you out of the snug place you’ve created and get you the desired transformation for your child

…you may need to sacrifice things too, like

  • What you already know about ADHD symptoms with nutrition & re-learn how to apply it
  • The comfort zone you’ve created might need a swift kick in the pants
  • The crippling belief that your child won’t comply 

You cannot change the past but the present could give your child a wonderful future. I have a few more spaces in my calendar to discuss how the ADHD Method can get your child out of the past and into the future without having to attempt and fail so many suggested “acceptable methods”, just click here so we chat about your child’s bright future.

PS: I am so ready to support you on your path to ending the overwhelm. You’re never alone. Let’s chat, book now

Gratitude Always, Cris!