If you’re like me, I prided myself on teaching my girls (and still totally do) how to build intentional relationships by:

  • Be themselves
  • Be honest
  • Do their best
  • Treat people with respect
  • Be kind to all
  • Follow their dreams

All of these values are great and intentional in bringing out the best in our children, am I right?

But what happens when… 

…your child continually refuses to do their homework and gets an incomplete or failing grade on the test?

…when a boy in class keeps kicking their chair just to annoy and flare the outburst?

…when there’s a fight over an eraser at school and your child calls them an F’n jerk (hello, another phone call home ?)?

Then this happens…

…intentional relationship building is replaced with yelling, commands and barking orders

…intentional relationship building is replaced with trying to justify why it’s everyone else and not your loving child, how everyone has it wrong

….intentional relationship building is replaced with just TRYING TO COPE

And the BIGGY, what we preach is a disconnect from what they are watching us do ?

You have to be responsible for the energy you have and how it’s returned and when you’re on high alert, tired all the time and ready to throw in the towel you simply can’t show up.

BUT here’s the thing…

I KNOW your intentions are real and from the most compassionate part of your heart

I KNOW you want to live a more connected and positive life with your child and that the symptoms are a HUGE roadblock

I KNOW you strive for excellence at building nurturing relationships with your child

I KNOW you show up every day to wanting your child to be free from the ADHD symptoms so they have a real chance at life

How you show up, as I often say… this is your intentional self. This is EXACTLY what is being instilled in your child. 

So be your vibrant self and use my three top fav’s to build that strong rapport with your child.

1. Listen – Everyone one wants to be heard, so by listening, you can actually uncover what’s going on and weed through the behaviours

2. Reinforce the beliefs and behaviour – Children need reinforcement so if you find yourself repeating, get used to it – they need it [careful, there is a difference between repeating for reinforcement and repeating because they’re manipulating the situation]

3. Follow YOUR dreams – Get yourself support so the journey isn’t so rocky when you jump forward and to get your child’s symptoms under control because once that happens THEN you start on the FUN dreams

Your child does not have the power to change themselves so they need you

Listen, it’s an uncomfortable journey at the beginning and nutrition will not give you the relationship you want with your child but it’s definitely a means to getting your child’s ADHD under control and this is when the real connections start ? 

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Gratitude Always


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