Here’s the scoop

It took me years, a lot of patience, a bunch of self-talk, a million-mile high wall of resistance to break through, a vibrant support system and a whole lotta passion on my journey to transform my girl’s ADHD symptoms…

…and it still wasn’t enough

That’s when I went back to school, not once but twice (and I’m in another program now, of course)

…and that’s how I was able to create a powerful program that you can access from anywhere in the world, at any time and never be bound to added time pressures

Because let’s face it! You’re already struggling to get through your day as it is.

So, when developing the ADHD Method, I first took everything that didn’t work and created a long list and it was long let me tell you…

…of all my trial and errors

Then I created a list of things that worked extremely well using my toolbox of experiences

From there, I included the functional practices and core values of being a Holistic nutritionist

…topped with over 18+ years of being a Certified FoodService Manager…oh ya, a Culinary Nutrition Expert

…and that’s how I came up with the ADHD Method and adopted a 3 part methodology to help so many others

Complicated – Food and exercising are not the only things to consider; there’s a BIGGER picture.

Opportunity – Every day is an opportunity for me to help your child become their higher selves and improve your sense of well-being. Support is pivotal.

Self-Repair – With a great understanding that each of our bodies has a fantastic capability to self-repair and it just needs a helping hand.

Easy peasy, right 🙌

I know this program is top-notch and it can be the olive branch you need to get your child their transformation…

BUT it’s not for just anyone and I hand select my clients because I want to ensure my resources are at 100% for each client.

So, if you’re ready, and I mean ready to do the work, show up and get shit done...let’s chat because you only ever get one TODAY; either that or it just becomes yesterday 

Your biggest fan


Curious to see what’s inside the ADHD Method? I would be…click here to learn more