Something so simple as water is often overlooked. Water is vital to your child’s body as affects their cells, hormones, elimination, the way they function and what they absorb.

Not all water is equal and some sources are not considered restorative to the body.

When at home, are you giving them bottled water, filtered water, tap water or do you have a more elaborate water filtering system such as Reverse Osmosis?

Clients often don’t realize there is a big difference between water sources.

Opt for better choices.

  • Clean, filtered water from your home

The bottled water business is grossing multi-millions each year. With consumer demand being high, this drives volumes. Volumes can alter the quality and compromise the source.

  • Use stainless steel or glass bottles to store their daily beverage; age dependant.

Plastic liners leach chemicals into the water and they consume it…this is a big no-no and compounds the ADHD symptoms.

  • On the go, select mineral water versus regular bottled water.

With so many different types of bottled water on the market, it can be hard to select one. All water is alkaline so don’t fall for marketing tricks. BUT selecting one that is loaded with minerals will give their body a boost…read the label and make sure it’s free from fluoride and other chemical additives.

  • Water filters placed on showerheads remove common chemicals leaving your skin hydrated.

The key to proper hydration is to select clean, pure water sources such as mineral water.

How much water does your child need?

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