ADHD has a long list of challenges for you and your child, no secret there.

We already know that ADHD affects the way your child stays focused, pays attention and regulates their behaviour, patience (or lack of), difficulty following instructions, constantly losing their stuff and the talking…oh my goodness….the non-stop chatter.

BUT…did you know that ADHD has a list of benefits too?

? Creativity – not bound to the standard life of most

? Energetic – endless energy to channel towards success

? Inventive – totally outside of the box thinker

? Hyerfocued – ability to complete a task without breaking concentration

? Original – my fav! Who needs more of the same?

Getting the symptoms under control naturally will never take away the underlying brilliance your child has snuggled up in themselves…it only gives them a chance to develop it.

Not only that…

… but did you know there are some well-known celebs that also have ADHD?

?️ Albert Einstein, the world’s most renowned genius

?️Justin Timberlake, Professional pop singer

?️Simone Biles, 5-time World all-around gymnastics champion

?️Richard Branson, Business tycoon

?️Whoopi Goldberg, Actress & Television Host

?️Terry Bradshaw, NFL

ADHD symptoms, when left untreated (totally only referencing nutrition and mindset here) do potentially create a cascade of unmanageable issues along with depression and/or anxiety BUT when the triggers are removed, WATCH OUT because their future and possibilities are ENDLESS.

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Gratitude Always