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Whether your ADHD is revving up or you simply cannot focus like you use too

 …which looks like 

  • forgetting where you put car keys…again!, 
  • having to making a list or it will not get done, 
  • going to bed tired but laying there hour after hour because your brain refuses to shut off, 
  • insomnia bouts that last more than 3 days or are repetitive, 
  • high highs and low low days – you just never know what moods coming out, or
  • not being able to focus on anything like you need too

These symptoms suck!

Maybe you’ve gone to the doctor and they’ve suggested it’s anxiety or depression and have given you a script for pharmaceuticals?

Maybe your job performance is lagging and it’s digging at your self-esteem?

Maybe your family is not helpful and your suffering in silence

…and maybe 2 cups of coffee isn’t getting you through the day any longer?

So why is this happening?

When the body gives us signs, these signs become the puzzle pieces into your puzzle board. 

Each of your symptoms are invaluable tools that allows me to customize your protocol using whole foods, lifestyle changes and some supplementation. 

You are biochemically unique, not crazy! This means you need a plan that will give you a lifestyle transition not the next fad…because you’d forget it – LOL (okay, bad humour)

During 6 Weeks Into Focus, we delve into key lifestyle skills so you know exactly how to increase your energy; which means productivity & focus ;). 

You get a step-by-step guide and access to a 30-private coaching once a week with me so we can track, acknowledge and adjust what needs to happen.

This is a lifestyle change not a diet. 

Please, if you’re looking for a quick fix diet (tactic), this NOT for you. 

I will be immersing you with the right skills because that’s when you’ll be able to keep going. 

Tactics are tricks. 

Skills are the foundation that embrace…the right tools, meal plans, coaching, support, accountability and actionable tasks so that when the program is finished, you can keep going. 

Have questions? Let’s jump on a call and chat because I’d love to hear what you’re going through and then we can see if the 6-weeks into Focus is right for you.

…with inspiration & compassion


*18+ yrs