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Hormonal struggles? Weight gain? Hot flashes? Tired? Stress or Under pressure? Mood swings? A type personality? Insomnia? Waking up many times during the night? …and the list goes on. 

Whether you’re perimenopausal, menopausal or post menopausal you’re in the right place. Living with gross symptoms is not “normal” like many practitioners today will tell you. Hormone Replacement Therapy may not be your only answer and option.

When the body gives us signs, these signs become the puzzle pieces into your puzzle board. 

If you’re waking up between 2-4 every night, it’s not because you’re old.

If you’ve gained 15+ pounds around your belly or your thighs, it’s not because you’re lazy…or old.

If you’re sweating at different times, it’s not because you’re in the life of change or don’t exercise enough or old. 

Each of your symptoms are invaluable tools that allows me to customize your protocol using whole foods, lifestyle changes and some supplementation. 

Waiting for the next hot flash is like watching paint dry. Your time is worth so much more. 

During this 6 week program, we delve into key lifestyle skills so you know exactly how to increase your productivity; which means energy ;). You get a step-by-step guide and access to a 30-private coaching once a week with me so we can track, acknowledge and adjust what needs to happen.

This is a lifestyle change not a diet. 

Please, if you’re looking for a quick fix diet (tactic), this NOT for you. 

I’m all about immersing you with the right skills because that’s when you’ll be able to keep going. Tactics are tricks. Skills are the foundation that embrace…the right tools, meal plans, coaching, support, accountability and actionable tasks so that when the program is finished, you can keep going. 

Have questions? Let’s jump on a call and chat  because I’d love to hear what you’re going through and then we can see if the 6-weeks into Balance is right for you.

…with inspiration & compassion