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    Registered Holistic Nutritionist Cris talks all things Balance.

    All of them! Excluding only those that are known to cause food sensitivities.

    A balanced diet of unrefined foods = Whole Foods.

    Fruits have many benefits to support your child’s health, weight management, and chronic disease risks. Not consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables increases their risk for potassium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral deficiency. Do not fear fruit, embrace it.

    Bug Spray ingredients that have low safety concerns and offer a high level of protection according to EWG: DEET – Mosquito
    Picaridin – Mosquitos, ticks & IR3535 repellents (not sold in Canada).

    Organics are certified to ensure they are not genetically modified or contain chemical fertilizers, synthetic substances, irradiation, sewage or sludge in the harvest and production of the foods.

    Genetically Modified Organism are crops that have been developed through scientific plant breeding to make the crop resistance to certain insects and diseases, herbicide tolerance, enhanced nutritional value, and reduced food waste.

    GMO foods have been deem as innovation. Necessity is not an innovation.  Food is key for survival and nourishment. A vital aspect to our overall health. 
    Whole, natural foods provide our bodies with the best support for healthy development. Say No to GMO!

    Meal planning is essential to maintain your child’s health goals, along with your budget & time.

    70% of the world’s livestock is fed GMO crops. Choosing Non- GMO or Organic is your consumer right to not be force-fed chemically enhanced pseudo-foods.

    Pre and post workout meals can get confusing.  Selecting a high-quality complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber filled meal will assist the body with recovery, maintenance, and repair. It’s never about only one macro.

    Children should not be on a “diet”! Children need to be assessed according to their symptoms or goals. Each meal modification is individually assessed and may not be the same for another.
    The one that supports the WHOLE body and doesn’t isolate by organ or part.
    Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory and has health benefits for the brain, hear and mental health. 
    Flax provided Omega-3, ALA while Fish and Algae provide DHA and EPA.
    Caffeine, Sugary Foods, Spicy Foods.

    Hand sanitizers have been documented to deplete beneficial bacteria in the body and beneficial bacteria is needed to stay healthy. Using proper hand washing techniques with a good quality soap is your child’s best defense against transferring germs.