Before I finally stopped regretting my mornings, life was all over the place and I remember my goal for the morning was to get out of the house without losing my voice from all the yelling.

I mean who in their right mind would find that enjoyable, yet I was doing it like a song on repeat!… At least that was my old belief, and it was holding me back for the longest time.

I used to struggle with having a peaceful household, all the yelling, commands and orders and I felt like I was running an assembly line yet the cars were not getting built at the end of the day and that I’d never ever get a chance to have the calm I wanted so desperately. 

It was such a chore to get them to do the simplest of things, repeating and basically fighting with myself all the darn time…for years.

So I would scream louder than them, I would mimic their actions and words and banned them to their rooms because this is the only way I knew how to function. 

But all that did was make me feel worse, made the kids feel worse and question if this was the way I had to live?

Until one day, I was searching the internet (because it has all the answers – lol) and I came across a post from Alexander den Heijer and said, “Joy and fulfillment are not found in the heights of our achievements but in the depths of our relationships.”

I was sick of staying where I was and not being able to connect with the girls or have a relationship with them! 

The way I was thinking had only led to the same poor results which affected our relationships with one another and what I really wanted them to know about unconditional support.

The major problem holding me back from giving my children the life they deserve was sitting in front of me…it was me. I was the starting point.

And after only 5 days, I finally left the house without uttering a single raised word and my throat is hurting.

This is the one major problem I see parents struggle with. 

So I understand where you’re coming from. And all it takes is knowing how to overcome the fear that’s gripping you to jump in with both feet and start the journey so you can get to the root of the problem! 

Gratitude Always 


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