You’re absolutely out of your mind!

This comment closely follows when you tell someone that you’re going an alternative root and using nutrition to support your child’s ADHD symptoms instead of meds, am I right?

They’ll call you nuts, unrealistic and even crazy.

They’ll question your parenting, your child’s future and execute fully on judgment; no doubt.

BUT their judgement and understanding is NOT needed for you to get your child living the life they were intended, without all the ADHD symptoms and hyperactivity. 

To transform your child’s life, you need to have COURAGE to stand up and tell the world how you feel, what you need, desire and dream of. 

And how do you do this?

Peek into my toolbox of developing COURAGE.

Learning Mindset 

It’s easy to judge yourself because in the past it didn’t work out well (so why try something new). 

A learning mindset allows you to capture each moment as a learned experience so you can capture it and improve the approach next time. 

It’s not a lost experience…

Disappointment and discouragement can be prevented by continuing with a learning mindset. 

So, let’s make a promise today…

…no more discouraging talk

…agree to disagree; others understanding is not your roadblock

Speak up for yourself 

Be consistent with this; this develops courage so tell people your desires to get your child well, your dreams of having a calm household and your feeling of constant overwhelm.

And if this makes you terribly uncomfortable, that’s resistance and your fear of being judged. It has no place in your life, heart or house. Get back on the courage bandwagon. 

Don’t hold back, don’t suffer – speak up for yourself!

This is how you show up and demonstrate constant courage.

Speak up for your child 

✔️ Don’t sit idle and quiet

✔️ Be professional and calm 

✔️ Deliver your emotions, feelings, desires and dreams around the dreams your child has.

There is a difference between speaking up for your child or advocating and being rude… go back to number 2

This heightens your child’s standard and reinforces your relationship and the ADHD superpower of trust between you.

So there you have it…the secrets out…COURAGE for the win!

I hope you enjoyed these tips to plump up your courage. Don’t’ forget, I’m constantly throwing tips and tricks throughout social media too. 

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Gratitude Always!


Wait… just one more thing…go ahead, throw me a comment and tell three things courage would let you do regarding your child’s ADHD symptoms and nutrition.