How are you going to get your child past the massive meltdowns and destructive behaviours so you can benefit from a calm house?

…and will it mean that you have to fight with your child to get them to eat all the foods they hate causing more daily ordeals and household disruptions? 

If you believe this to be true, just wait because I’m here to put your mind at rest.

I’m going to share with you the MOST EFFECTIVE tricks that I teach my clients to reduce the ADHD symptom flares and all the craziness that comes with them.

Pss…. want to know my secret recipe?

You can use it whenever you need to, ensuring you’re staying on course.

But first…

I want you to know about Bradford.

When I first met Bradford, he was on high alert and in the total ‘rage’ mode. His thoughts were racing, he couldn’t finish the intake form without stopping to tell me another story about his “crazy-ass boys”, he was a self-labelled heaping mess. 

Bradford was drained too but on a whole other level with a toxic mix of rage. His 2 boys were the classic label of ADHD with impulsivity and Brandford felt like he was at a dead end. Surely this relationship was not going to end well for any of them so Brandford got my name through a friend and we went to work. 

Bradford’s boys were both on meds that would work for a bit but caused a host of other issues like weight gain or withdrawal and explosive behaviours by mid-afternoon.  The school was after him to increase the meds but after six different ones he was reluctant and the school was not impressed. 

Bradford was a tough sell on the nutritional concept. “It’s too simple and if meds can’t work, how can food?” 

Hey, I don’t blame him—he had followed the doctor’s recommendations and tried all the therapies for his boys…still, nothing was working. 

Because he heard good things from his trusted friend, he and I started working together.

In just 9 days, we were able to get both his boys eating a healthy breakfast (not cereal) that supported their bodies. 

To Bradford, this was a miracle because his youngest was the pickiest of all eaters and refused to eat fruit or anything green. 

In only 12 weeks, his boys were able to walk to school without getting into a brawl, there hadn’t been a phone call home from school in over 3 weeks and Bradford was finally starting to tell stories of praise about his boys. 

“I can’t believe it Cris! If I hadn’t gotten your name from XXX, I have no idea where I’d be right now. Probably in the same chaos I was living in for years. It was worth it, all of it and it wasn’t always pretty but I’m so thankful my boys are headed on the straight and narrow. I can’t believe. Thank you so much. ~Bradford

Now let me give you the goods on how this was done….

  1. Shifted the power pendulum and gained control back over the household.  
  2. Focused on foods to support the brain and gut.
  3. Stabilized energy through ADHD supporting foods.
  4. Stayed on course by committing and following the plan.

The thought of having to change your lifestyle is scary and it triggers all the negative fears you can think of when you’re faced with change and that’s not a comfortable place to be.

But just apply the strategies above and you’ll see results without ever feeling like it was the wrong decision!

Gratitude Always :)


P.S. This is SO possible for you too and I’m here to reassure you that you’re not alone, you don’t have to stay stuck, your child doesn’t have to control the house…nope, these are things you CAN and WILL be able to change.

If you’re saying “I’M READY” and want more information on the ADHD Method, let’s connect. Click here and find a date and time we can chat to see if the ADHD Method is the right fit for your family.