By now you know I am not an advocator for pharmaceutical medications to treat ADHD symptoms. 

To be perfectly transparent, I do believe on occasion meds are needed while you try to figure things out, mainly when children are hurting themselves or others

BUT…what I don’t favour is staying on the meds long term and their host of side effects

Because they are just too scary for me.

There are many reasons like being toxic, gut disrupting, “master controller” and so on but here’s 3 that truly don’t make sense


  • Rebound Effect 


When the meds are coming out of their system too quickly and they become irritable, aggressive or moody; Western medicine treats this with more meds


  • Eating Issues


Most ADHDers already struggle with picky eating and a poor relationship with food but extended release meds can cause a loss of appetite and essentially more missed opportunities to get vital nutrients to help their brains and body thrive or spike overeating with all classic triggers contributing to ravenous symptoms


  • Sleep Disturbances


ADHD symptoms make it hard for children to shut down their brains as it is so meds have the potential to heighten this too. This means your child is over-medicated BUT what happens when it’s reduced and it’s not as effective? Shorter meds, more doses throughout the day, different meds …and the struggles continue all while your child is at the helm


  • Blood Sugar


Ya, I snuck another here but it’s a combination of 1, 2 & 3 that is the effect on your child’s blood sugar. Blood sugar dysregulation is common with insomnia and blood sugar has a major role in focus and mood; which mimics ADHD symptoms ?

I have scientific research reports & finding, case studies, clinical trials and errors and a host of hidden treasures to support my findings 

BUT…I have something even better, RESULTS from debunking ADHD symptoms for my girls and those of my clients. 

What’s the phrase? “The proof is in the pudding”

So, to put it simply…

Behaviours are ONLY symptoms

Medication is ONLY a bandaid

Nutrition goes after the ROOT CAUSE

If you’ve elected medication, no judgment here!

…I know there are too many people already offering you their opinions

What I can tell you is that you can still apply a holistic approach even on the meds

And hey, what if…nutrition works and works so well that the meds are no longer needed?

Gratitude Always


PS: I can almost guarantee that you think there’s more you can do for your child other than meds, that’s why we’re connected, so let’s see if your family qualifies for the ADHD Method

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