Full disclosure, Free is one of my top 3 F words ?

So today I’m popping in to share a few FREE things you can instantly adopt in your life to make sure you’re on track with your dreams to STOP your child from feeling like there’s an alien inside of them controlling everything they do, that’s making your life so challenging.

Hang on tight because here we go…

…I’m totally excited

? Ask for help 

ADHD is no joke and you should never feel alone, suffer or continue the suffering for your child.

You’re faced with so many difficult ordeals when it comes to all the ADHD symptoms… the emotionally draining events, picky eating, defiance, tantrums and so on…

Asking for help brings out the right kind of people you need in your life.

Asking for help is NOT a weakness, it’s an olive branch and it’s FREE.

? Celebrate the small wins 

Stop and acknowledge your transition accomplishments and certainly, that of your child’s. 

Praise the task, not the behaviour. ADHD has so many emotionally driven behaviours that it can shift energies quickly so praise the task and reinforce the task as being good and not your child’s behaviour associated with the task.

Celebrate as a family, make it a big deal – lock it in, reinforce the moment because that’s when it becomes a part of your family. 

? Surround yourself with people who are more than you…hang on, it’s not negative.

When you surround yourself with people that have achieved some of your goals or whether they are more friendly, bring a zest to life AND have transformed their child with nutrition and mindset strategies to support the  ADHD symptoms, this gives you the drive and clarity to keep going.

Build your environment with these exceptional people because you subconsciously up your game and get the breakthrough of your desires and dreams because you see that they are attainable. 

I bet you knew these all along so whether this was a friendly reminder or a whole new concept, adopt it now…DON’T wait. 

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Gratitude Always!


PS: tell me your favourite F word ? ~just kidding