Did you know that protein provides your child’s body with the building blocks to create and repair tissues, increase energy, regulate hormones and support their immune system?

I won’t even go into the neurotransmitter and cell function benefits that protein helps too.

This is why I’m always after my clients to start getting protein into their child’s diet asap.

Here are 10 ways to get more protein into your child’s diet (approximate values)

1️⃣ Hummus 1.2g (per tbsp)

2️⃣ Chopped nuts or seeds 4g (on average per oz)

3️⃣ Lentils 9g (per ½ cup)

4️⃣ Quinoa 4.7g (per ½ cup)

5️⃣ Soft-Cooked Eggs 6g (per egg)

6️⃣ Avocado 3-4g (per avocado)

7️⃣ Chia Seeds 4.7g (per ounce or 28 g)

8️⃣ Hemp Hearts 10g (2-3 tbsp)

9️⃣ Spirulina 4g (1 tbsp)

? Animal Protein (Organic preferred, second-best hormones or antibiotic-free, then conventional)

Click here for a delicious avocado chocolate pudding recipe…yum!

And a total BONUS, by increasing protein, it should naturally decrease sugar intake Woot 

Gratitude Always


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